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It is February 4th and the first day of tax season more than 300 students were certified to prepare income tax returns for the Baruch Vita program Angela the first year volunteer confidently takes her seat and gets ready for first client ok so I have my broke by the textbook my 1040 and New York State instructions my calculator and my pen hmm what else am I missing I thought I silenced that before I got here I have to remember that next time hi sir I'm Angela how are you all right we'll see what we can do do you mind if I take a look at your client intake sheet your documents as well as your photo ID thank you you before we start the interview I wanted to make sure that you've read the taxpayer acknowledgement section on the back of the intake sheet and you're aware that our services are voluntary unlike a paid preparer we do not sign up to returns we prepare please take a look at the discloses again and let me know if you have any questions oh yeah that sounds fine at all I just really appreciate the service because I can't afford to pay like several hundred dollars to see all my taxes under well we are here to help okay so now I'm going to go through all of your forms and the client intake sheet to make sure that I can prepare your returns Daniel's 28 and indicated that he lives and works in New York let's look at the w-2 to verify that yup Fox 15 says New York Daniel says that he's single and has a three year old son and a 16 year old son okay so you're going to be filing as head of household now let's look at your income there's a w-2 and he also has capital gains and losses checked wait isn't that outside the scope of vitae I said eyes Cathy hey Cathy can I ask you a quick question sure no problem what is it my client has capital gains should I send him away but he only reported on the rank dividends and if you look over here it's small amount of twelve dollars and what you do with that it's just put it on line thirteen I've just I'm 40 and you're gonna check off scheduled email before it okay okay thing you sorry about that just double-checking something so he has self-employment income also and Social Security benefits he doesn't look that old though you checked off Social Security benefits are you sure you're getting Social Security sure here you go oh I'm so sorry I meant to check off the unemployment box and have a job for a couple I'm sorry to hear that well actually this year the IRS exempt the first 2,400 of unemployment compensation from taxes so that should help oh that does help there are noise fences for twisting her student loan payments just fifteen hundred and child care expenses he didn't buy or mortgage a home for line thirteen monthly rent of eight hundred that won't qualify for IT 214 and he didn't pay any estimated taxes let's double check again the forms he brought in you oh that ww2 is for my son who just started his part-time job this year so can just add that into my return so we can just do one thing even though...